Jayaraman Venkataraman, Senior Consultant

Mr. Jayaraman Venkataraman is a Chemical Engineer, with a Bachelor of Technology degree from the University of Madras in the year 1972.

Mr Jayaraman joined Madras Fertlisers Ltd in May 1973 and worked in various capacities in MFL’s Fertiliser Complex at Chennai until October1992. During his stint with MFL, he played an important part in the operation of the Urea Plant of MFL. He was also deputed for 3 years from 1981-83 as Urea Operations shift superintendent with Sri Lanka Fertilizer Manufacturing Company (SFMC) for commissioning their grass roots Ammonia/Urea project, which was under the management contract of MFL.  On his return, he was appointed as the Head of the Process and Projects department of MFL, until 1992.

In 1992, he joined Saudi Arabian Fertiliser Company (SAFCO), Jubail, Saudi Arabia, an affiliate of SABIC, as Chief Engineer – Process Department. He played a key role in conducting feasibility studies and basic engineering of ammonia, urea de-bottleneck projects of SAFCO, preparing SAFCO IV new project feasibility report comprising world scale ammonia, urea projects & ITB for the projects in SAFCO and involved in other phases of the projects including technology selection and bids evaluation. He gained exposure in working in various phases of different projects in SAFCO. He was part of In-house Operations Task Force Committee Leadership, Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and SHE sub-committee.

He has gained experience in leading technologies such as Kellogg Brown & Root, Haldor Topsoe, Chemico, UHDE for Ammonia Processes, and Stamicarbon, Snamprogetti, Chemico  for Urea Processes and Incro’s Process for Compound Fertilizer. Also with Detailed Engineering contractors  such as Chemico, UTI, Toyo, Kellogg, Chiyoda, Technip, Tecnimont, Uhde, Samsung Engineering and Incro.

He served as Process monitoring Section Head in Ammonia, Urea and Phosphate Plants with a team of 12 Process Engineers. Studied and implemented de-bottlenecking projects to maximize production at minimum investment, energy savings by optimizing the exchanger capacities and optimizing catalysts usage in ammonia plant.

In 2007, he joined Worley Parsons Arabia, who was the Project Management Consultant (PMC) for the 3000 MTPD Ammonia Plant of Maaden Phosphate Company in Saudi Arabia, as the Project Manager. He successfully completed the detailed engineering and the execution of world scale Ammonia Project with Samsung Engineering (EPC), on time and the plant was commissioned one month before the targeted date.

Further, from September 2009 until December 2010, he worked for Maaden Phosphate Company in its Phosphoric acid project from the client’s side, after successfully completing the Ammonia project for the PMC contractor Worley Parsons. The first train of the Phosphoric Acid project was made ready for commissioning in December 2010.

During his tenure in projects, he reduced costs by controlling & minimizing the requirement of duplication of similar service based controls and valves in the project as well as by optimizing spares requirement. He also actively participated in 3D model review and Hazop studies for operational & maintenance requirements

He has obtained PMP certification from PMI, USA for enhancing his capability to execute projects more professionally & systematically.

His insightful experience in project management activities including process technology selection, bids evaluation, project scoping, estimation, planning, risk management, finalization of technical / functional specifications, review of PFDs,P&IDs, 3D model, Hazop studies & operational safety, resource administration and quality management of the product / software application and his excellent project management track record are certain to be of great value in the setting up of new large scale projects.