Scrutiny of Basic & Detailed Engineering

Avântt has the necessary experience for assisting the client with scrutiny of basic and detailed engineering in respect of energy efficiency, plant reliability, operational and maintenance conveniences, safety, HAZOP, etc.

Basic Engineering – includes Process Flow Diagram, P&I Diagram, Equipment Specification & Data Sheets, material and energy balance, utility  requirements and sizing of utility equipment, equipment layout for ease of operation etc.

Detailed Engineering – includes plant layout drawing with roads and drains, piping and cabling layout drawings, preparation of civil and structural drawings, effluent treatment facilities, fire-fighting systems, etc., culminating in the preparation of specifications for procurement of the plant and machinery and for the construction of the project.

Technical Evaluation and Support for Procurement

Avântt can provide support for procurement of equipment and materials in line with client company policies. Avântt shall assist the owner in technical evaluation of bids received for the various equipment and materials.  Avântt can help in checking vendor drawings, resolving technical issues and making technical recommendations.