Planning & Scheduling

Avântt Project Managers and engineers have the necessary experience in managing the resources, time and money required for timely completion of a project. Avântt employs the best management control tools for defining, integrating and analyzing what must be done to complete a project economically and on time.

Avântt uses the Project Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) and Critical Path Method (CPM) techniques for planning and scheduling the many inter-related tasks for a large and complex project. Starting with a work breakdown structure, Avântt Project Managers develop a very realistic project schedule spelling out the Critical Paths by identifying the long delivery items, by monitoring and reporting on the progress of the project, particularly critical milestones.

A large chemical project  such as a fertilizer plant or petroleum refinery requires huge resources in terms of construction machinery and workers. Resource and cost management studies are carried out on a regular basis and requirements are integrated with the time schedule. Avântt uses the latest project planning software to manage and level the resources. Avântt has the necessary expertise for implementing time-cost trade-offs for speeding up activities on the Critical Path when necessary.