The Avântt team have, individually and jointly, executed important assignments both within India and abroad. A few prominent ones are mentioned below:

Consultancy Services

OLAM, Singapore

Evaluation of Process Technology for USD 1.5 Billion Ammonia, Urea Plant Projects. OLAM, a leading international trading company dealing in a large number of agricultural commodities in Africa and South America, intended to utilise the gas reserves available in Gabon, West Africa, to build a world scale Ammonia and Urea production complex in Gabon. Avântt was awarded the assignment of evaluation of the current process technologies for Ammonia and Urea and provide specific recommendations to Olam, based on several technical parameters, provide a preliminary assessment of the project cost, and advise on the selection of site, infrastructure requirements, jetty location, etc. A three-member team from Avântt, comprising M/s. Babu Verghese, Arjun Chari and R.V. Subramanian carried out this assignment.

Deutsche Bank

Technical Due Diligence, Marketing and Financial Assessment of Haldia
Petrochemicals, Haldia. The scope of work covered current technology and processes at the plant, current capacity vs. maximum operational capacity, control and monitoring processes, plant layout and infrastructure, balance operational life, capex requirements, yields on products, etc. The study also included assessment of demand and supply in key supply destinations, market share vs. competitors and finally comparison of naphtha vs. gas feedstock. Avantt formed a team lead by Mr. Prabhakar Sethi and consisting of Mr. Subhash Chandra Sarkar, Mr. T. Amarnath and Mr. K.S. Gopalakrishnan for executing this assignment.

ICS, Senegal, Africa

Due Diligence of DAP Plants in association with Technip India, Chennai. The study was conducted for a potential acquisition of the plants. It covered not only the present condition of the units but also investments that would be required to improve the operations, modernise the equipment and machinery, add facilities and systems to bring it up to modern operating standards and international environmental benchmarks. Avântt deputed M/s S. Subbaiah and V. Jayaraman for this assignment.

InfraCo Asia, Singapore

Technical due diligence of Single Super phosphate plant at Chennai. To decide on an investment in the super phosphate facility at Ennore, Chennai, InfraCo Asia engaged Avantt to conduct a detailed study of the plant covering technical, marketing and financial aspects of the operations, including costs of new investments in plant and machinery. The study also looked at regulations / subsidy issues relating to production and marketing of fertlisers in the country. M/s S. Subbaiah and S. Asokan carried out this assignment.

TATA Chemicals, Haldia

Preliminary evaluation of problems in DAP Plants. Tata Chemicals were experiencing several equipment and process-related problems at their DAP Plants in Haldia, which were restricting the capacity and on-stream time of the plants. Avantt’s experts, M/s S. Subbaiah and V. Jayaraman assessed the plants to identify the causes of the problems affecting smooth operation of the plants.

Haldia Petrochemicals, Haldia

A Techno-Economic Viability study of the Haldia Petrochemicals complex at Haldia in West Bengal was conducted on behalf of an Indian Financial Institution. This study was followed by another study again on behalf of another Financial Institution, based offshore. Both the studies were performed with Technip, India.

The Chatterjee Group

Technical Due Diligence of the PTA Plants of MCPI at Haldia. The Chatterjee Group (TCG) was assessing the PTA complex of MCPI for a possible acquisition. Avantt was engaged to carry out a comprehensive Due Diligence of the plants. The scope of work included current operational status, maximum operational capacity, health of the plant and residual life of equipment, maintenance capex levels, review of technology, inventories, raw materials, costs, environmental and other statutory compliances, etc. Avantt executed this assignment with M/s Prabhakar Sethi, Dr. RM. Krishnan, T. Amarnath, K.S. Gopalakrishnan and Mr. T. Ravindran.

The Chatterjee Group

Study on manpower and plant organisation at MCPI, Haldia. Avantt was required to evaluate the organisation at the Haldia site and the readiness of the Indian team to take complete charge of the plant operations and the maintenance, after the acquisition of the facility by TCG. Avantt also assessed the requirement of expatriate managers and their stay post-acquisition to ensure a smooth transition and knowledge transfer. Mr. Prabhakar Sethi, Dr. RM. Krishnan and Mr. K.S.Gopalakrishnan were deployed for this assignment.

The Chatterjee Group

Study on Stores Inventory at MCPI, Haldia. The study was with specific reference to obsolescence of spares and their value. However, Avantt also studied the spares inventory management principles, method of valuation of the inventory maintained, details of project supply and project surplus spares, philosophy of capital/ Insurance spares maintained by MCPI, status of reconditioned spares, physical stock verification, etc. M/s Prabhakar Sethi, T. Amarnath and K.S. Gopalakrishnan executed this study.

IFFCO, Aonla and Phulpur

Technical evaluation of Ammonia and Urea Plants in association with Technip India. IFFCO, the largest manufacturer of Nitrogenous and Phosphatic fertilisers in India, engaged Technip India for a detailed technical study of their existing Ammonia and Urea plants at Aonla and Phulpur to assess the current health of the plants and make recommendations to improve the plant reliability, operating efficiencies, etc. Avantt deputed M/s V. Jayaraman, R.V. Subramanian, P. Thyagarajan and T. Ravindran for these assignments.

Design and Detail Engineering

Technip India, Chennai

Design & Detail engineering of Piping for Ethylene storage and transfer system. A team of Piping design engineers was deputed to Technip for this assignment.

Quality Assurance

Jordan Phosphate Mines Company, Jordan

Inspection & Repair procedure for rectification of Sulphuric Acid storage tank. JPMC, Jordan, had constructed a new Sulphuric Acid Storage tank at their Fertiliser Complex in Aqaba. However, due to incorrect welding procedures adopted during fabrication, significant deformities had developed in the tank baseplates. Mr. S. Asokan, Quality Assurance expert, was deputed by Avantt to Jordan for a period of two months, where the causes were identified and repairs carried out under his guidance to resolve the issue.