Project Site Evaluation & Selection

Avântt can carry out the site identification and evaluation on the basis of, inter se, land survey, soil investigation (if relevant), the distance from ocean and ocean draft, flood / tidal levels, seismic and meteorological  data, environmental considerations,  accessibility and logistics both during project and production phase. Avântt will take into consideration current land cover and land use, suitability of adjoining and nearby land uses, potential for site expandability and proximity to protected areas such as national parks, biological reserves, military use etc.

Project Site Development

Once the project site is identified and the recommendation is accepted by the project owners/authorities, Avântt can create the site development plan document. The plan document shall be based on the results of a survey and soil investigation and shall specify site clearing and leveling requirements, type of foundations required etc. Avântt shall then develop a preliminary site plan drawing showing the layout of roads and drains, pipe and cable racks, production plant areas, storage areas, hazardous chemicals storage areas etc. Avântt can also support the owners in the development of the project site.

Logistics Evaluation

The logistics for the movement and delivery of plant machinery and equipment during the project phase as well as the movement of raw materials and product during the production phase have to be analysed and evaluated to ensure smooth operations. Avântt shall carry out the following activities:

  • identify all possible vehicular movement options across various transportation modes
  • conduct site visits to the different sources and destinations to evaluate feasibility, storage and infrastructure availability etc.
  • compare various logistics options such as coastal, road, rail and pipeline to ascertain physical feasibility, capital investments and operational costs
  • recommend infrastructural requirements such as storage tanks, rail gantry, cross-country pipeline etc. at source and destination points and also investment requirements