Preparation of Detailed Project Report

Preparation of a Detailed Project Report (DPR) is the next step in firming up an investment proposal evolving out of the conceptual and feasibility study. The detailed project report is necessary to firm up the capital cost and the financial viability of the project, the financing pattern as well as the various project facilities and the completion schedule.

Avântt can assist the owner in preparing the DPR as a bankable document with sufficient details to ensure appraisal and approval by financing institutions, and subsequent project implementation in a timely and efficient manner. The DPR shall contain the following:

  • Industry background and project rationale
  • Project description, concept and scope
  • Technical details including description of process technology, technical specifications, flow diagrams and project site layout plan
  • Project Cost details with break-up and financial structuring
  • Financial analysis including projected balance sheets and Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
  • Project Schedule with PERT/CPM network for planning and implementation of the project
  • Staffing including operation and maintenance framework

Project Financing Support

Having more than 20 years of experience in developing and financing projects in many different geographic locations and industry segments, Avântt can provide support in terms of preparation of financial documents, presentations to investors and lenders, to facilitate financing of the project. Avântt executives are seasoned in developing commercial and financial strategies, appropriate for each individual project that optimize investor returns and properly allocates risk among project stakeholders. Accordingly, Avântt shall work side-by-side with clients’ to realize the successful financial closing of projects.