Conceptual and Feasibility Studies

Avântt has the necessary experience in conducting conceptual and feasibility studies. The feasibility report, along with recommendations, prepared by Avântt will feature clear supporting evidence and contain the following:

  • Market research and analysis
  • Determining plant production capacity based on demand and availability of the product
  • Technology identification based on leading global technologies
  • Overall project configuration as also individual plant configurations
  • Availability and feasibility of sourcing raw materials and utilities such as water and power
  • Compare various logistics options – coastal shipping, road, rail and pipeline
    Infrastructural requirements and investments (storage tanks, railway yard, cross-country pipeline)
  • Site selection, taking into account environmental considerations, logistics, availability of workforce, social requirements etc.
  • Overall financial structuring of the project

Preliminary Project Cost Estimation

The capital cost for a chemical plant is the initial cost of establishment of the project facilities such as planning and feasibility studies, land acquisition, design and engineering fee, plant and machinery, construction, erection and supervision, inspection and testing, financing charges including interest, salaries, insurance and taxes, office overheads, commissioning expenses etc.

A preliminary cost estimate or a conceptual estimate is made when the basic technologies for the project are known. At the feasibility study stage of a project, an order of magnitude estimate which will rely on the cost of similar facilities built in the past, will have to be made. Avântt has built up a comprehensive data bank of the various input costs for chemical plants. Taking into consideration inflationary factors and exercising professional judgement, Avântt has the necessary experience to provide a reasonably near accurate preliminary cost estimate for any chemical project.