Audit Services

It is very essential that all new and existing chemical plants should support a certain quality of life by carefully and continuously managing the quality, health, safety and environmental issues in order to comply with international standards. Avântt can provide in-depth audits and studies to identify and implement all measures required to create a safe and healthy place for all employees and for the neighborhood.

Energy Audit

Chemical process plants are energy intensive and there is always some scope for reducing energy consumption and thereby limiting greenhouse gas emissions. The consumption of steam, electricity and natural gas make up one third of the operating cost. In addition, the local air quality also gets affected.

Avântt has the necessary expertise to carry out a thorough energy audit. Avântt will evaluate the current energy consumption and costs and then identify the various short-term and long-term measures for energy saving. Avântt will then work out the economic benefits such as return on investment and pay back period for implementing their recommendations.

Safety Audit

In a chemical process plant, accidents can be catastrophic resulting in loss of life and assets as well as damaging the environment. Hence it is necessary to carry out Safety Audits in a systematic manner to identify and control all potential hazards involving employees, plant operations, plant services, leaks/spillages, equipment failures, corrosion etc. Avântt has the necessary expertise in conducting Safety Audits. The main focus of the safety audit will be to develop safety management systems for prevention of work related injuries, prevention of fire and explosion and protection from hazardous chemicals. Avântt will assess the following:

  • Effectiveness of existing safety management systems and emergency plans, if available
  • Activities that can lead to toxic releases, explosions and major fires
  • Hazardous areas such as storage of chemicals and inflammable materials
  • Design and engineering of the facilities
  • Effectiveness of process controls and alarms
  • Start-up and shutdown procedures
  • Schedules and procedures for inspection, testing and maintenance of equipment

Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP)

Hazard and Operability Studies, or HAZOPS as it is commonly called, is the methodology used for identifying potential hazards and operability problems caused by deviations from the intended design of both new and existing chemical process plants. A Hazard is any operation that may cause a catastrophic release of toxic, flammable or explosive chemicals or any action that could result in injury to personnel. Operability is any operation that would cause a plant shutdown resulting in an adverse impact on the environment or health or safety of personnel. Even though the main focus of HAZOPS is to identify hazards, operability problems that can lead to process hazards need to be also identified.

Avântt, with its vast experience in design, commissioning, operation and maintenance of chemical process plants, has well trained personnel for carrying out HAZOPS studies with the use of the latest software applications. Avântt’s HAZOPS procedure focuses on specific nodes/loops within the process which are identified from the P&ID and then systematically analyzing every part of it to establish how deviations from the intended design can arise. Once identified, Avântt’s HAZOP team will make an assessment as to whether such deviations and their consequences can have a negative effect upon the safe and efficient operation of the plant. At the end of the study, Avântt will submit a HAZOPS report describing the actions to be taken for the safe operation of the plant.

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE)

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) is a major factor in the success of a business.  In the chemical industry, it is the responsibility of the employer to protect the health and safety of their employees. Accidents are caused by human error and can therefore be prevented by means of better training and administration. Implementation of a Certified Quality Management System will improve internal processes, minimize risk and enhance customer satisfaction. Environmental degradation has a major impact on the health of employees and neighboring population. With more and more stringent regulations and enforcement, environmental management systems have to be implemented.

Avântt provides a wide range of services to help its clients in implementing QHSE systems and services such as,

  • Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series – OHSAS 18001:1999
  • Quality Management System – ISO 9001
  • HSE Third Party Survey and Inspection
  • Risk Assessment
  • Safety Audits / Inspections
  • Emergency and Crisis Management Studies
  • Environmental Audits / Inspections
  • Environmental Management system – ISO 14001
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Legal Compliance Monitoring